About us

                                                                                                                                                            DELFA about 1950
Gustav Dietrich GmbH + Co.KG oder kurz DELFA

"Der Elegante Leisten Für Alle" (the elegant ledge for everyone), this is how the founder of the plant characterized his first products. A high claim indeed. That was in the year 1907 when we still had an emperor. From the initials of this claim in german: Der Elegante Leisten Für Alle, the brand name DELFA was formed.

Just like clothes are put on a hanger to keep their shape, shoes belong into delfa shoe-shapers, ideally directly after taking them o because footwarm leather is especially elastic. Creases are smoothed and the shoe can rest in its original shape.
Our products help to substantially prolong the lifespan of shoes. All articles oered by us are branded articles of highest quality. For the most part they are from our own production and are manufactured in Germany. We always put much emphasis on the fact that the production of our articles is ecologically justifyable and that our products are free from CFC and other toxics. The beechwood used for the production of our shoetrees originates only from naturally forested native commercial timberland. The wood for our Aromatic Red Cedar products is obtained from especially forested timberlands in the USA.

The business was founded in 1907 by Ludwig Dietrich. After only a short time the company – Holzwerke Dietrich was the name then – was famous at home and abroad as manufacturor and supplier of shoelasts and wooden heels.
Production comprised the manufacturing of wooden products well into the sixties. 1926 the plant was relocated to Darmstadt, meeting the demands of industrial economy then to concentrate in towns.

In 1941 the founder and senior manager Ludwig Dietrich died. His son, Gustav Dietrich, who had already worked in the company since 1932, started with 7 men in a disused ballroom in Ober-Beerbach in 1947, after he had returned from war captivity.
In 1949, through determined planning and tough work, he could nally rebuilt the plant at its old loca-tion in Bickenbach. Large series production of wooden shoetrees started and soon afterwards they could supply not only the entire German shoe retail but also built up extensional export business with numerous European countries.
In 1968 company DELFA as it was called by now, was taken over by the company group Norbert Schmid GmbH in Fellbach.
This started a new phase of productional direction.

They progressively started to produce plastic shoe furniture. The mold constructi-on in Fellbach backed up this development. At rst, it was only shoe shapers from plastic, followed by boot shapers from the same material. In extension of this trend, development and production of elastic soft foam shapers began, that represent a very important main branch of the business today.

Since December 2011, a new era has dawned, with the move to the new operating headquarters in Bensheim. This move after more than 100 years on the same lacation, with all offices and productionlines into a new and more modern location also with a better transport connection, sets the course for the additional tasks as a central distribution center within the nico-group.