Over 100 years DELFA - your expert for shoe trees since 1907

Our products help to enlarge the life span of your shoes substantially. Quality products of the brand DELFA mostly derive from our own production and are manufactured in Germany. As a matter of course we strictly adhere to limit values and refrain from using CFC and other harmful substances. For our wooden products, we solely use woods from native reforestation, for example beechwood from native timber or the Western Red Cedar.

DELFA keeps your shoes young

You hang your clothes on coat hangers to keep them in form, so you should certainly use shoe trees in your shoes. The best time to use shoe trees, is directly after you take off your shoes. The upper material is still warm and flexible from wearing the whole day. With the shoe tree the creases and wrinkles will almost vanish, moisture will be absorbed and the shoe will be kept in its original shape.
For putting your shoes on it is recommended to use a shoe horn. The heel part is protected from crinkling, besides it is more comfortable.